Palaces full of sky, cradles left far away, hearts like islands, spaceships that seem to confuse the viewer.

Orderly chaos, the sense of nonsense.

Welcoming a painting is like listening to yourself, and understanding that each painting has a place that belongs to it.

His canvases represent scenes from everyday life, from our everyday environment, in which Scipona inserts destabilizing and grotesque elements, which do not conform to our communication codes. In this way, he obtains new aesthetic possibilities that lead to a new vision of emotions. A language parallel to the everyday one, but which extends and expands it.


Pay homage to dreams, draw and paint them on my canvases. Being able to create what one dreams of is all an artist could wish for. The slow and inexorable passage of time in the case of art never means growing old, it means growing up.

Orderly chaos.

Don't ask me why I paint.
There are things in life that are done because they have to be done.
It almost seems like it is not you who choose them, rather they choose you.